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Best Stock Market Institute . Learn Price Action , Chart Analysis , Option Strategies and Lot other with Live Trading in Classroom and Online.


IITA . Best Stock Market Training Institute.

Indian Institute of Technical Analysis provides you great platform for Indraday , Swing .Long term and Midterm Trading . 20  Technical Tools , 10 + Option startegies , Regular Live trading classes make you an expert in trading and investing . Learn from very basic fundamentals of stock market to Expert level strategies in Option Selling . IITA gives different mind-blowing strategies  and golden rules that helps you to become a professional trader in the stock market.

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We provide the best stock market course in Bangalore.

We have the  best faculties for giving practical and theoretical concepts in stock market 

We conduct courses that gives the best value for money. Starting from basic finance to advanced concepts like stock market investing, fundamental and technical analysis, and options trading, we have courses that will teach you to save and invest money responsibly and grow your wealth steadily. These courses are taught by some of the best instructors and market experts and are highly practical focused to give the students a holistic understanding of the subjects. More than 10,000 students have already attended our courses and made their future more secure.

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    • Real-time market learning in live market set-up

    • Up-to-date strategies and real-time discussions

    • Extensive training from industry experts

    • Scientifically designed and career oriented courses

    • Interactive, interesting and engaging learning process

    • Web-integrated model to support e-learning

    • State of the art training facilities and infrastructure

    • Life time support system

    Stock Market Course

    To be good in trading and to became and excellent Investor

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    stock market class in Bangalore

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    20 Technical Tools
    15 Chart Patterns
    Portfolio Management
    Classroom Studies
    Live Trading Classes

    Stock Market Classes

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