Stock Market Course (Advanced)

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Best Stock Market Course in India

The Overview 

Contents of Basic Course

  • Lesson 1 :What is Stock Market
    • What is a Trading account, Demat Account. Practical exposure
    • Types of Orders and their significance
    • What are the type of segments of the Stock Market
    • Equity market , commodity Market , Currency market
    • Intro to Derivatives , Futures n Options
  • Lesson 2 :Introduction to charts
  • Lesson 3 :Basic of Candlesticks
    • Intro to Moving average
    • Types of Moving Average
    • Special Moving average strategy for sure shot success
  • Trend Identifying Indicator
  • Combining 2 indicators to create a high effective strategy
  • Stock selection strategy using MA
  • Intra-day Trading with the high effective strategy
  • 3rd Indicator for generating Supply and Demand levels and adding it to  Trading set up
  • Intro To C patterns
  • Continuing  Patterns
  • Trend reversal indicating patterns
  • Combining Tools with Patterns
  • Live trading in equity
  • Live trading with commodity
  • Intro to options
  • Option Fundamentals
  • Option Pricing
  • Option Greeks
  • Time value and its decay as a strategy to trade in range bound trading

+ The Following Additional Classes

  1. 5 New Technical Tools
  2. Price Action Tools
  3. Live Trading for 45 days with target of 1.5 times ROI
  4. Advanced Option strategies
    1. Option Sell  Strategy,
    2. I. C. 4 legged Strategy and 2 more
  5. Options Greeks and how to use for profit
  6. Advanced Commodity Strategies
    1. Crude Special Strategy
    2. NG Special  Strategy
    3. Silver Special Strategy
    4. Base Metal Strategy
  7. Currency Trading Strategy
    1. USD/INR stratgy
    2. GBP/INR Strategy