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Best Stock Market Course (Basic Level)

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Please find below the topics to be covered in this course which give best value fro money . Hence it is the best stock market course in India . Here we teach equity and options . Also, all the basic stock market details are taught here


Part – 1: Introduction to Stock Market .

Part – 2: Basics of Equity, Options , Derivatives , Currency and Commodity.

Part – 3: Free Chart Software and demo on the chart software .

Part – 4: Trading platform and types of orders on the platform.

Part – 5: Live trading in equity market.

Part – 6: What is trend and range market ?

Part – 7: Understanding order execution and MTM .

Part – 8: Basics of Chart analysis.

Part – 9: 2 chart patterns.

Part – 10: How to trade with candlesticks and patterns

Part – 11: Technical Tools introduction.

Part – 12: 2 technical tools and how to use them for trading .

Part – 13: Live trading using patterns and tools .